From beginners to advanced, Summer Healing Yoga welcomes all to experience the power of yoga

At Summer Healing Yoga, you will learn far more then just how to achieve a great physical practice,the teachings in every class offer profound tools to dissolve many emotional and psychological issues, all these tools can then be applied to everyday life to help awaken you out of the constant mind body identification and show you the true nature of you which is joy. We have a strong sense of community, with classes that are suitable for kids through to seniors. Summer Healing Yoga operate meditation and Yoga classes in Glen Waverley, Lower Templestowe and Carnegie.We aim to deliver traditional yogic knowledge in its most organic form, in a language that resonates with our western understandings. Yoga is far more than something you do to stretch and tone, it is a science to master the mind, it is the gateway to living at higher levels of perception, more compassion, greater intuition and a great sense of meaning will enter your heart.



Perfect for beginners through to advanced, Summer Healing Yoga offers a range of classes including:

*Yin Yoga *Vinyasa *Ashtanga * Kriya Yoga *Hatha *Kundalini Yoga

*Meditation *Jnana Yoga *Pranayama {Breath Control}

*Restorative Yoga *Yoga Nidra *Nada Yoga * Iyenger Yoga * Mantra-asana

*Sound Healing *Yoga Therapy *Mantra Yoga

We use the very healing infra-red heating.
Our teachers are all highly qualified, compassionate, and dedicated. If you’re looking for yoga classes in the Eastern and North eastern suburbs of Melbourne, come to our Glen Waverley,Lower Templestowe and Carnegie studio.

For quick and easy access to our timetable use the mindbody ap

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Omnisutra Sumeria Carneggie

Meditation & Self enquirey every Friday @Carnegie Studio

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Enjoy many styles of yoga at our eastern suburbs studios in Glen Waverley, Carnegie and Lower Templestowe

We are here to provide you with a complete yoga experience! Enjoy yoga classes in Lower Templestowe, Glen Waverley and Carnegie; to help you along with your yoga journey we have a range of materials available for purchase:

  • Singing bowls
  • Meditation cushions
  • Yoga mats
  • Books
  • Audiobooks
  • Mat bags
  • Eye pillows
  • Blocks
  • Straps
  • And much, much more!

We run workshops monthly to further your individual knowledge.

To complement your yoga therapy experience, our services also extend to:

  • Kinesiology
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Health coaching
  • Accessing consciousness
  • Holistic metaphysical healing
  • View our full range of massage therapies and more now.

We love yoga and look forward to meeting you!

Summer Healing Yoga Studio

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